My ꕯota of Web presence [xxx]

My ꕯota of Web presence [xxx]

My ꕯota of Web presence [xxx]My ꕯota of Web presence [xxx]

Welcome to my personal uncensored Web site. It is the primary hub for my Web activities, though it has a tendency to change domain! That's one of my side ventures, selling domains, so If you're curious about getting a snazzy one yourself have a look at 


What I'm about


I'm an entrepreneur turned wannabe porn star. I'm following my passion (being a kinky nymphomaniac) while learning about the sex industry. I'm a geek and love messing with live streaming tech which is part of my main plan.

It is still early days, but having gained a modest following on Chaturbate and now over 1/4 million views on XVideos I'm starting to take the porn thing a bit more seriously and have setup  Pandemos Productions as a vehicle to launch a couple of ideas.

Links & Profiles

I've a number of profiles on various sites for different purposes. You can find more info about me there as well as pics and vids:

Twitter - Don't use it so much as I did

Instagram - just started this one

Chaturbate - occasional live streaming

Xvideos - Slightly different porn

Pornhub - main vanilla porn site

FetLife - Kink/fetish profile

I've three other Web sites in the works as well:

 Lily & Friends ∞Ӂ∞

My "hard reality live porn" test project, not yet live. Aim is to use it to build the Panoply free multimedia sharing platform

Pandôrə's Parties  ∞Ӂ∞

I love sex parties, am terrible at making them happen, but good at tech. Nail meet hammer.

Pandemos ∞Ӂ∞ א.live

Me and some mates banded together under the name "Pandemos" (Greek for "of the people", as in "Aphrodite Pandemos", 

My Unfolding Story


I love sharing my story with the world for a number of reasons, not least that I'm a huge exhibitionist! I try to be entertaining, and am occasionally serious too.

To hear as I advance the various projects and explore the sex industry please enter your email address below. I won't share it with third parties.

I'm pretty active on social media. Usually a mixture of saucy filth, tech thoughts, funny photos etc. I'm most active on XVideos of the porn sites currently.

Art,  mostly  in  the  form  of  music  video  blogs,  mostly  for  fun  but  some  where  I  try  to  explain  my  Grand  Unified  Theory  of  Everything  (life,  the  universe,  us,  god,  the  whole  shebang  -  a  work  in  progress !)  is  my  latest  passion.

keep updated!